PowAir Pet Odour Removal Spray



Eliminate pet sprays in the home, car or whilst travelling with this handy 250ml PowAir spray. This spray punches through the odours to eliminate safely and permanently.


What is PowAir Spray?

PowAir Spray is a product perfect for removing your pet's odours. Created with essential oils and infused with refreshing aromatic scents, you can be sure you're treating those odours without the harm of nasty, harmful chemicals. You can be sure it's safe to use around your much loved furry friends!


With a powerful scientifically formulated blend of over 40 high-quality essential oils, this PowAir spray is designed to eliminate a wider spectrum of odours and not mask like many other sprays do.


Where is PowAir Block best to be used?

This spray comes in a 250ml size, so is perfect for not just the home but also the car, or travel luggage for those fun trips away.


What does the scent smell of?

Handily, PowAir supply the spray in three different refreshing scents. You can use the dropdown when selecting this product to choose between these different scents being:

  • Apple Crumble

  • Tropical Breeze

  • Passion Fruit 


Product Details

  • PowAir Spray comes in three different scents to choose from being Apple Crumble, Tropical Breeze and Passion Fruit.

  • Blocks are available in one size being 250ml only.

  • Products are sold per individual spray container.

See more about the PowAir Spray in this quick video:

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