Yes, you read the title right!

Superdogel Lilliput the London Maltese, the ultimate globe-trotting diva dog of NW1, can pose on command, lives on green juice and drinks from water from the glaciers of Iceland.

The 12 similarities of Lilliput and Kate Moss

So how is Lilliput like Kate Moss? Well, read the below - you'll be surprised at the similarities! 

1) Drinks water served from a glass bottle imported from the glaciers of Iceland, similar to Kate who washes her face in ice water every morning.

2) Her diet is luxurious with all kinds of exotic meats such as zebra, kangaroo and ostrich (all of which has to be organic or wild)

3) All of her treats are homemade and she often feasts on homemade bone broth – what a soupermodel!

4) She has 15 supplements a day, including a green juice for breakfast, just like Kate

5) Her entourage includes a hypnotherapist, physiotherapist, masseuse and chiropractor

6) Her diet also includes organic manuka honey, kefir organic milk, colostrum milk (NOT in a powder) and Alaskan wild salmon

7) Lilliput lives in NW1 and has a set of other Maltese dog friends known as the Primrose Hound Set

8) She has a gold plated bowl for her treats and her collars are hand stitched with gold

9) She’s a huge globetrotter having visited several places including Aruba, New York, Atlanta, France and Italy (while staying in the prestigious Florence hotel – Il Salviatino, beloved to Kate Moss)

10) She will only ever eat off porcelain

11) She can sense when a camera is nearby and is so well-trained having been hand-reared from a young age as a model dog that she can pose on can pose on command (yes really), making her the ultimate superdogel of the world

12) She will not get out of bed for anything less than a fish treat

So there we have it - the gorgeous Lilliput really is the superdogel everyone wants to meet and probably has a better lifestyle than all of us put together!