Solving a real dog-dilemma, the team at Stick have come to the rescue by creating some well-fitting harnesses for dogs, that are both practical and fashionable. If you're having problems finding the perfect fitting harness for your dog, then give Stick a try!

Not only that, they've now also ventured into creating great looking collars and leads too. We caught up with the team at Stick to find out more about how they came up with the brilliant idea and where the brand is heading going into 2018.

Welcome to PetJam guys! So tell us - who is this team behind Stick? 

Hi, PetJam! The Stick team is very much a family affair. It’s made up of Myself (Nat), my fiancée Adan and of course not forgetting our Chief Product Tester and Brand Inspiration, our pug Bob.

What ignited your passion to set up the company? When did it all begin?

Bob is the true driver behind the Stick brand! When we started looking for a harness for him we were really surprised by the lack of design choice on the market- everything seemed either really plain (and quite boring) or too far the other way with bling and diamantes all over it which wasn’t really our vibe.

Most of the dog harnesses on the market also have a fixed neck design so unless your pooch has the pawfect chest and neck ratio, it’s almost impossible to find one that fits them perfectly and as Bob (like a lot of Pugs and Frenchies) has quite a big neck, we were really struggling to find one that fit comfortably. So that’s where we come in!

We wanted to create a fun brand that featured comfortable and adjustable products in super soft and breathable fabrics, combining this with bold and stylish prints that wouldn’t look out of place on the catwalk (or dog walk), and that’s how Stick was born! In general, we also both just truly love dogs! Adan has grown up with dogs and I work for a Dog Charity as my day job.

Ah... it always comes down to the love of a mans best friend! So tell us a bit about your gorgeous dog...  

Well, where do we start, it’s safe to say we are OBSESSED with Bob! He’s such a little character with so much personality and he certainly knows what he wants. But he’s also the most loving little guy ever, following you about from room to room…even when you just want to pop to the loo! Pugs aren’t too hot on privacy. He’s a HUGE part of our family and a pawsome brand ambassador for Stick.

Practical and fashionable is often hard to get right. How do you stay on top of the latest fashion trends? 

I think social media, particularly Instagram is a great way of keeping up to date with the latest trends. It’s also a great way of engaging with our lovely customers, we truly LOVE it when we are tagged in photos of our little furry customers wearing our range (@stickdoguk)! We also look to fashion week to try and identify any future seasons trends that might work for us and to try and keep one step ahead. Being based in London too which is such a vibrant and fashionable city definitely helps.

marble dog accessories petjam stick

Which design is your favourite from your current collection so far?

I truly love all of our designs, a lot of love and care went into designing every single one. It’s also great to see how different designs definitely suit different dogs, not only in terms of their look but also their personalities. For me, I think our Tie-Dye design might just swing it as my current favourite as it just really encapsulates summer … Although it is raining right now as  I type :S

stick tiedye petjam

Can you give us any sneak peeks as to any new products or designs coming out over the next couple of months or going into 2018?

All I will say is we are working on a new design at present which will have more of an Autumn/Winter vibe - watch this space!

Sounds very intriguing - we definitely will be keeping an eye on any new launches! Finally, if you can only choose one, what would be your favourite park to walk the dog in around London? 

This one is easy, it would have to be Green Park! There is a monthly pug meet up on the first weekend of every month held at Green Park which we take Bob to when we can. 50-60 pugs running around, frolicking with each other in the park…what more could you ask for in life!

tiedye stick dog collar petjam

Thanks so much for chatting with us Stick team! If you love the Stick products as much as we do here at PetJam then head over to our shop to view the products in more detail.