You may have seen Hoof to Tail Healing in some of our previous blog posts. Well, the lovely Sam is back with some fantastic new products, which we are proud to now sell on PetJam also! Take a read of her blog below to find out more about Sam and how her products can benefit your pet.

hoof to tail healing on petjam

Hi Sam, so remind our community - what is it that Hoof To Tail Healing does and how does it benefit anyone's pet who is reading this blog?

Hoof To Tail Healing started with holistic therapies for horses and dogs, which I still do now.

I love using crystals in my work, and soon developed a bit of a collection. I had also been doing a little jewellery making, just for my own use, and made a few things with crystals. My mum asked if I had anything that would help with her arthritis, so I made her a necklace with healing crystals. I heard nothing for a few weeks, and then she said her pain had gone, and her joints were a lot less swollen. She had worn the necklace every day for 6 weeks and then felt she didn’t need it all the time, so placed it next to her bed, so she would still benefit each night.

I then started experimenting with the collar charms, until I found something that was strong enough to withstand a staffy’s everyday antics!

What is your best selling item to date?

The travel ease holistic kit has been my best seller. I’ve even had someone buy it for her own use, rather than the dog! The collar charm has healing crystals which relate to nausea and also confidence, as I noticed that dogs that experienced travel sickness began to feel anxious about going in the car as well. The kit also includes an essential oil which can be put on a tissue in the car so the dog can smell the oil but it doesn’t have to be put on their fur or skin. I personally pick 1 of 3 oils which will help the individual dog’s needs.

The bespoke charms look fantastic! When you say they are personalised, how do you go about picking the right charms to suit the dog and owner?

I start with a list of crystals which have the relevant healing properties for the issue that needs solving. Then I use my dowsing crystal to see which ones the dog or owner needs. I use a dowsing crystal to answer yes and no questions, so ask it to move for a yes for the dog, and a no. Then I ask if the dog needs each of the crystals in turn. I know it sounds a bit “out there” but it really works!

What are your hopes and dreams for Hoof To Tail Healing moving forward from here?

As I have only just started making the kits, I am always thinking of new ways to help dogs, so will develop this in the future. My essential oil tips have been really popular, so I am also planning an ebook. I just need to find the time to sit down and write it!

Tell us more about your calming kits - how do they work?

I’d had great feedback from my Thursday Therapy Tips which I do on Instagram, giving tips on the illnesses or emotional problems that essential oils have. But I didn’t want to just be another essential oil stockist and lose that personal touch. There are so many essential oils, and many have properties that overlap with others, so I didn’t want owners buying oil after oil, that didn’t help their dog.

So, I came upon the idea to have a kit with a collar charm, and a choice of oils. When I receive the order, I dowse for the best oil or two oils to send for that particular dog.

So do you have any pets yourself?

As well as Beth, who features in nearly all of my photos, I have a cat, Smiley, and a loan horse, Riaz.

Ah... and these pets are your models that we see in the product photos? That's brilliant to use them!!

Beth is a natural in front of the camera! She has really taken to posing for my photos and has even developed a following on Instagram. I really love that people are so positive about her, as often people cross the road when they see you walking with a staffy. She was the inspiration for my business, as she had separation anxiety when we adopted her, so it only seems right she is the face of the business.

Thanks so much for chatting with us Sam, it's been brilliant catching up with you once again. For our readers don't forget to follow Sam on Twitter at @hooftotailheal and Instagram @hooftotailhealing. We look forward to sharing more from Sam in the near future - stay tuned!