In these autumn and winter months particularly, it can be difficult keeping your house in great condition when you have a dog. They come in with their wet and muddy paws and it's game over on the house clean.

Dog 1, You 0

Well, we've been lucky enough to partner with Adam and Alex, co-founders of Easy Paws. Take a read of their blog to find out more about them and their fantastic first product, the easy noodle mat. Over to you guys!

Can you tell us a bit about yourselves and how you became co-founders of a business together?

We first met at university in Nottingham, and always joked about starting a business together. We lived together in our final year. Turns out it was the ultimate test as future business partners – if you can live together, you can definitely start a business together!

Adam and alex from easy paws on PetJam 

Easy Paws is a great brand name. Any particular meaning behind it?

We founded Easy Paws to make owning a dog and keeping a home clean ‘easy’ and fun for both dogs and their owners. Every dog owner knows, this requires keeping their dog’s paws clean, so Easy Paws was a natural name for us!

 dog on chocolate easy paws mat on petjam

What a fantastic idea for a product - how did you come up with the idea?

Like all useful products, we developed the Easy Noodle Mat when trying to fix a real-life problem – the repetitive and thankless task of cleaning your dog’s muddy paws before they come inside! 

Adam owned a mischievous dog, Gonzo, who loved to run in the mud (likely stemming from his border collie heritage), who hated having his paws wiped and put up as much resistance as possible. Adam tried all types of dog mats and found none to be effective at cleaning Gonzo’s paws.

One night over dinner, Adam jokingly asked Alex, a professional product designer and habitual problem-solver, to find a solution. Alex took the task on and developed the first Easy Noodle Mat.

The mat worked perfectly for soaking up dirt from Gonzo’s paws – no more wiping his paws by hand! As Gonzo and the mat become inseparable, Alex and Adam discovered that the mat had other uses too – a comfy dog bed liner and a car mat for when taking him on drives. They also added a super non-slip backing for safety. 

We thought it wrong to keep the secret to ourselves. Six months later, we founded Easy Paws. The ‘steel’ mat has been the most popular so far!

steel noodle mat by easy paws on petjam

Do you have dogs yourselves? 

Adam owned a mischievous Border Collie-Labrador called Gonzo, who was the inspiration for Easy Paws and the first Easy Noodle Mat. Gonzo sadly passed away shortly before we launched, but Adam is looking for a new dog to adopt! A house wouldn’t be a home without a dog!

 dog called gonzo from easy paws 

We're super intrigued to see what you come out with next! Any plans for future products?

We are so excited to be launching some amazing new products in 2018, which will all make keeping your house and dog even easier and fun! The details are top secret, but expect even more noodles!

What are your 2018 goals for Easy Paws?

We launched last September, so 2018 is going to be a huge year for Easy Paws! This isn’t only because 2018 is the Year of the Dog - we are hoping to spread the joy of the Easy Noodle Mat with as many dogs and dog owners as possible, and launch our new product range.

We are passionate about the welfare of animals, so we are hoping to sign up animal charity partners - making a difference is and will always be a core value of Easy Paws.

Our company top dog and mascot ‘Paws the Dog’ will also be touring dog shows and events across the UK, so be sure to say hello or throw a tennis ball to get his attention!

 easy paws mascot on petjam

Thanks so much Adam and Alex, it's been fantastic having you on our blog! You'll be hearing a lot more Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - @EasyPaws