We’re thrilled to announce the partnership with luxury dog brand, ByMusa. If you’re looking to add a touch of luxury into your dog’s life, then ByMusa could be the perfect brand for you.

PetJam ByMusa Products

Who's behind ByMusa?

Founded by the gorgeously ambitious Irlanda Zapatero who was born in Spain, ByMusa has grown into a fantastic product range tailored towards the luxury dog market.

Now based in London her road to success hasn't been easy, with a clear ambition to not outsource to China or India to cut costs, she's had to do a lot of research and market testing to end up with a desirable product range. Irlanda says; "if my business is based here, I am going to do everything here. I want to help local businesses the way local customers help me. I design here, the workshop where I make the collars, leads and purses is in Dalson, East London. I source my leather in London, I print fabrics here".

PetJam ByMusa Leads 

So how did ByMusa begin?

Irlanda says; “A couple of years ago, my dog died, my constant companion and inspiration, and I promised her that I would make a brand in her name, in her honour, and ByMusa was born.”

What does ByMusa sell?

Well ByMusa is ultimately designs and creations for pets. They are all handmade in the UK, with quality and elegance at the heart. Irlanda was excited to say; “ByMusa is a luxury brand. It is going to be the Prada of the canine world. I will give a percentage of my profits to dog and cat rescue homes and ByMusa will help give a better life to lots of animals. I sell quality and luxury to the fortunate ones to give some quality of life to the less fortunate ones."

petjam bymusa image

There are currently three core products that ByMusa sell, in an array of different colours and sizes. These consist of collars, leads and poopurses. Here are a few of what's online at PetJam, by we'd really love for you to view the full ByMusa collection here.

ByMusa yellow petjam 

petjam blue collar bymusa

petjam bymusa green lead

 Which is your favourite ByMusa dog accessory and colour? Comment below or come and chat to us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @wearepetjam. Chat to you soon!