NEW BRAND ALERT: Introducing Boots & Bones

Boots & Bones is our second brand to join PetJam and we couldn't be more excited for what is to come! If you haven't heard of Boots & Bones already, we've caught up with founder Ellie to give you the lowdown on how they got their business up and running and most importantly, what's to come! 

So first and foremost, can you tell us a bit about your gorgeous dog? Have you always been a dog lover? 

Always, everyone now knows me as the Crazy Dog Lady as I’m rarely seen without Dotty in tow! She is fast becoming a local celebrity, she is my absolute world!

Boots & Bones is such a brilliant brand name! What was your inspiration behind it all and when did you launch?

We officially launched in 2016, however, the inspiration came about when we brought Dotty home in 2014. We had very specific ideas for the collar we wanted for her, and couldn’t find it. So I decided to create my own, the rest is history as they say!

If you could describe Boots & Bones in a tweet (that's 140 characters or less) what would you describe it as?

A unique collection of handmade dog accessories for the trendy pooch and owner… functionality meets style.

Boots & Bones on PetJam

You are a fantastic designer! How did you get started in this business?

I studied Design and Marketing at University so when I graduated it had always been a dream of mine to have my own brand. I’ve always had a creative streak and I knew if I didn’t go for it, I’d regret it. When Dotty came along, it made sense for me to start a doggie business, it all came together so naturally. I love it, a dream come true!

You say all your products are handmade. That must be a lot of work you spend on each and every product! Can you give us a flavour of how it all works? 

It sure is! A lot of love and care goes into everything we create. I wouldn’t have it any other way, it’s very rewarding! I wouldn’t want to bore you with the details of the process, but trend hunting and fabric buying are my two favourite aspects of the ‘job’.

If you could choose a personal favourite design so far, which one would you say is your all time favourite? 

It would have to be the Tie-Dye, it’s a firm favourite with Dotty too! It’s the perfect summer fabric and gets lots of lovely comments.

That's gorgeous! And which is the customer's favourite so far?

Mustard Corduroy has been our bestseller… everybody comments on the colour which looks stunning on a chocolate/black coat!

We love that one too! So tell us, do you have any new designs coming out over the next couple of months?

We have something very exciting launching in the Autumn Range in a few weeks, but my lips are sealed!

Being based in Devon, you must have some stunning walks you can take your dog on. Are there any particular highlights if we're in the area? (And country pubs...? *Ahem*)

We can recommend a walk along Exeter River, with a stop off at The Prospect on the Quay, which is dog-friendly and serves amazing food. Haldon Forest Park is also very beautiful, some of our promo photography is shot there! For beach walks, Jacobs Ladder in Sidmouth is breathtaking, and there is a quaint little café at the top that sells the BIGGEST piece of cake!

Boots & Bones 2 dogs on PetJam

Thanks so much for taking the time out to chat with us, Ellie. We can't wait to see where Boots & Bones goes next and it's very exciting to have you on board. We look forward to launching your new AW17 products on PetJam in the coming months! 

Don't forget to follow Boots & Bones on Instagram @bootsandbones, Facebook @ukbootsandbones or Twitter @BootsandBonesUK. Which is your favourite Boots & Bones design? Tell us in the comments below, we'd love to hear your favourites too! 

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