Is your dog a good sleeper?

How much sleep does your dog get and are they active during the night? It's perhaps a subject few dog-owners have actually considered or know much about in detail. So, we were highly interested to see a new study suggests there may be a trend dependent on the dog breed. 


Which dogs are good sleepers?

Best Sleeping Dog Breeds % that sleep through the night
Bulldog 47%
Beagle 45%
Lurcher 42%

You can see that bulldogs actually came out on top being the best behaved during the night. A high 47% of Bulldogs are reported to sleep through the night without a stir, followed by Beagles and Lurchers.


Which dogs are bad sleepers?

Worst Sleeping Dog Breeds % that sleep through the night
Sheepdog 12%
Pug 24%
Terrier 28%
Collie 30%
Golden Retreiver 32%
Golden Shephard 34%
Spaniel 36%
Labrador 37%
Jack Russell 40%

We see sheepdogs, the night owls of our canine friends, are top of the worst sleeping dog breeds at just 12% sleeping through the night. 


Why do sleep patterns vary by dog breed?

Dr Robert White-Adams said: “When you look at the statistics for which dog breeds are most likely to be up and around at night, and/or causing mischief, it is largely the breeds we associate with being more intelligent, and closer to their working heritages, like collies and spaniels.

“Many believe that these breeds have a higher cognitive ability than some of their canine counterparts; they learn quicker, and are easier to train and work.

“As little as we understand about consciousness and dreaming in dogs, we do know it requires significant mental ability, and therefore more intelligent breeds are those that are most likely to experience dreaming when they sleep.”


How long do dogs sleep for?

On average dogs sleep for 14 hours a day.


Is my dog dreaming?

Signs to look out for:

  • Two-thirds of our dog-loving nation say they've seen their dog running in their sleep.

  • 40% say they've seen them growl whilst asleep.

  • Over a third say their dogs wag their tail in their sleep

It is these types of activities that we see during our dog's sleep that convinces us our dogs are dreaming.


What do dogs dream about?

Well, this is anyone's guess! Wagg who conducted this research suggests they may dream about toys galore and perhaps a game of fetch! If it's the same as humans, it's thought dogs really do dream about their daily activity from feeding, playing to walks.

Whatever the truth, we just think the dogs look adorable in this video... 

Which dog bed should I get for my dog?

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So tell us - have you seen your dog dreaming or active during its sleep? And is your dogs breed aligning with the research above?

*Research conducted by Wagg.

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