How do you protect your dog's paws in the snow, ice or salt?

With another blast of cold weather coming into the UK this week, here at PetJam HQ our minds are all focused on how we can protect our dog's paws. Between the grit, salt and freezing temperatures, it can play havoc with your dog's paws. So, we've pulled together a couple of tips to ensure you can give them that extra TLC they need at this time of the year. 

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Tips for protecting your dog's paws in the snow, ice or salt

As dog's don't have protection on their feet like us humans, their paw pads are exposed to the gruelling wintry conditions. Whether snow, ice or salt, they can all impact the health of your dog's paws. With some simple tips, you can easily prepare for this cold spell, to keep your dog better protected.

Put dog balm on your dog's paws

Before you head out for your walk, rub some dog paw balm onto their paw's. This will help to reduce the dry skin and damage that salt can cause on their paw's, keeping them soft in the cold months and free from cracks. A great tried and tested paw balm comes from The Dog & I range of handmade dog products. We'd definitely recommend to check this paw balm out, whilst it is great for their noses and elbows too. 

Bathe your dog after a chilly walk

After a walk, make sure you bathe your dog or at the very least rinse their paws to get all the grit and salt off the paws. After washing with a safe dog shampoo, look to dry off with a towel and add a touch of that paw balm to re-moisturise the paw pad.

Don't over-do the walk

Whilst it can be tempting to go for long walks in the snow, don't over-do it. Your dog will feel the cold just as much, if not more, than you do. So to avoid conditions such as frostbite on the paws, keep walks short and sweet and follow the above steps to keep your dog's paws protected before and after too. When you come in from your walk have your Easy Paws noodle mat ready to soak up the majority of the moisture.

Invest in a jacket for your dog

It can be beneficial to get your dog a warming jacket for your walks together, to take the edge off the cold if particularly chilly weather! There are many available on PetJam which may appeal, depending on your style preferences.

Do you have any other tips to keep your dog's paws protected in this cold weather? Let us know and we'll add it to the list!

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