Here at PetJam HQ, we definitely consider our dogs as part of the family, in fact perhaps even more so than our parents or grandparents previously did with their dogs. 

Here are some interesting finds in a recent survey by Furbo, but which ones stand true for you and your household? 


Dogs are a family member through-and-through

In fact, the relationship that Brits share with their dogs is no longer that of a master and faithful pup, but that of parent and doted-on child. According to new research from Furbo, the only treat-tossing dog camera designed specifically for dogs, a massive 70% of people view their dog as one of the family, with one in twenty even describing their dog as their baby. 

And like with all trends, it’s celebrities who are leading the way. Sheridan Smith regularly posts about her dogs on social media, even calling them ‘her children’ and referring to herself as a ‘crazy dog lady’, and TOWIE’s Georgia Kousoulou declared that she’d rather have a dog than a baby on a recent episode of the show.

Dogs get treated more than yourself

The new research has also put the spotlight on the lengths that Brits will go to pamper their pooches. Almost two-thirds of the nation (61%) treat their dogs more than they treat themselves, with the figure rising to a whopping 81% in the North East of England. 

A fifth (20%) of dog owners in the UK admit to spending upwards of £920 on their pups every year and other than food, cite common expenses as treats, clothes and grooming products.  In fact, there is a whole industry devoted to our furry friends, with dog walkers, dog groomers, dog-friendly hotels and even dog-loss bereavement counsellors now being commonplace. With Christmas on the horizon, the question is - is your dog on the naughty or nice list this year?

Dogs get a rather comfy night's sleep!

An incredible 27% of dog owners let their pooch share their bed, and they’re in good company. Strictly star Ruth Langsford admits to snuggling up with her Border Collie cross, Maggie, and Martin Clunes lets his much-loved Jack Russell-Chihuahua cross, Penelope Jennifer sleep on his bed!!

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Dogs take over all of your free time

A third (36%) of people surveyed by Furbo revealed that they spend most of their free time with their pooch; more time than they spend with their friends (35%) and other family members (16%). Springwatch’s Chris Packham has even declared, “my pet poodle is more important to me than my girlfriend.” 

What’s more, one in ten (10%) Brits experience separation anxiety when they are away from their dogs, meaning that 18% avoid meeting up with friends, a fifth (22%) miss out on a day out and 8% decline family celebrations in favour of staying home with their pups. One in ten (9%) of those surveyed even confessed to avoiding work.

The UK has one special bond with their dogs!

Sofiane Gruson, European Marketing Manager at Tomofun Ltd, the company behind Furbo, the treat tossing dog camera, comments:

“There’s nothing more rewarding than spending time with your dog and this latest research has demonstrated just how close and meaningful the bond is between Brits and their dogs. Whilst 42% of people have taken their dogs on holiday in the UK, a fifth (22%) of people have taken them to a party and 6% have even let them join on a date night, there are times that we just can’t be together - which can be stressful for all involved."

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So, what do you reckon - do all the above ring true for you and your household? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram on @wearepetjam. 

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