5 hacks to keep your dog cool in summer

With summer in mid-flow, it’s important for you to not forget about your adorable furry-friend. When the sun is shining, it can often be difficult to break out of your traditional doggie routine, but trust us, it’s vital you change things up when the sun is out to ensure your dog is well looked after in the heat.

So, to give you a helping hand, we’ve come up with some fun tactics for you to give a try - once tested, pop us a tweet, instagram of facebook post @wearepetjam and tell us all about it!

Hack 1: Make yummy broth flavoured ice tray treats

Pour a broth such as our favourite, the Rockster Bone Broth, into an ice tray. Fill some trays to the brim with 100% broth and in others add some water to mix it up a bit and change the strength of the flavours. Not only is it a delicious treat, but lovely and cooling too.

Why do we rate Rockster bone broth over many others? Well it not only promotes bone health and reduces joint stiffness due to its extraordinarily high collagen content, but is also certified 100% bio-organic beef bone broth with added superfood and prebiotics.

Hack 2: Super healthy frozen dog treats rock

Many dogs are partial to a vegetable treat such as a carrot. But, what happens if you put them into the freezer? Simple - they turn into a healthy bone for them to gnaw on and have fun with, that’s a bit of fun too. The best part is, you can be confident they are healthy for your dog’s teeth - so forget all the rubbish that’s out there and make your dog a healthy frozen treat!

Hack 3: Bring out the sprinkler and have some fun

I don’t know about you, but when we get the garden sprinkler out, our dogs go MAD! But, one thing it definitely does do is keep them cool by sprinkling them with cool water. If you’re a bit of a water baby too, it can quickly turn into a fun-filled day to keep the whole family cool, rather than having to break out the paddling pool.

Hack 4: Let them sprawl over a pet cooling mat

Did you know that most of dogs sweat glands are in their feet? So when it gets hot, the best thing you can do is to ensure their little paws are able to cool down, which in turn will help to cool their bodies down too overall.

We love the idea of making a DIY pet cooling mat, by sewing together some old towels and inserting some cold packs into the middle. So, let the sprawl out and cool down in style!

Hack 5: Create your own frozen treat bowl

As an outside only activity (if you want to keep your carpets clean!), you can keep your dog entertained and refreshed for hours to come. Into a bowl put lots of treats and mini toys, then fill up with a mix of water and chicken broth. Once frozen, tip it upside down and let the dogs play with it - as it melts the dogs will find treats galore, but will keep going back for more with the chicken taste.What better entertainment could you ask for?!

Will you be trying any of these hacks to keep your dog cool the next time the sun is out? Comment below and let us know - we’d love to hear which ones your dog prefers and if you’ve got any other ideas for us to try out.

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