Dependent on the type of dog or cat bed you opt for, they can serve different benefits to your pet. From memory foam to alpaca, there are a huge array of different types of beds to consider when buying for your pet. Within this blog post, we're going to focus in on the benefits of alpaca fibre dog and cat beds, which are a brilliant option, particularly if considering you'd like to keep your pet warm and comfy during the winter months.

1) Will keep your pet warm during the cold winter nights!

Alpaca fibre is known for being incredibly warm for example it is proven to be warmer than goose down and at least three times warmer than sheep's wool! 

If we are looking at the temperature spectrums then in a -17 degrees centigrade environment it provides a 10 degrees centigrade comfort range, compared to -1 degree centigrade for sheep wool. Now that's a cosy nights sleep sorted!

petjam snugglyfox alpaca wool bed

2) Free from harsh chemicals

Unlike sheep wool, alpaca fibres contain no lanolin and therefore does not need to be treated with any harsh chemicals. This gives you as a pet owner peace of mind that there isn't anything harmful in your pet's bed. The alpaca fibres literally come straight from the shearing table!! 

After shearing the alpaca, the wool is simply tumbled to remove any grit and then picked to separate and 'fluff' the fibre, before being stuffed into your dog or cat bed. 

3) Repels dust mites and odours

Alpaca wool is known for repelling dust mites and other organic matter that might trigger allergies in pets. That means that pretty much for both dogs and cats, you won't have any issues with these types of beds. Not only that, for pet owners, you can be confident that with the odour repelling material, this alpaca dog and cat bed will be smelling as fresh as possible.


4) Virtually water repellent and pretty much indestructible 

If those benefits aren't enough, you'll be delighted to hear alpaca fibre is virtually water repellant and hard to destruct. So with any pet, you've got a good chance of this bed surviving years to come!

So where can you buy an alpaca fibre dog or cat bed? Look no further than on PetJam of course! We've partnered with a fantastic 100% British brand called Snuggly Fox who supply high-quality Harris Tweed alpaca dog and cat beds. Head over to our shop to see more!